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Internship, Business Operations
Open until filled     |      The Hague, Netherlands

Cachette Capital BV and its accompanying affiliates have an opening for an Intern, Business Operations to join their The Hague, Netherlands office. Cachette Capital BV is part of Cachette Capital Management and its subsidiaries which are investment funds specializing in venture capital fund investing.

We are looking for someone:

  • With a passion for startups, entrepreneurship, and investing
  • Who can handle every day logistics
  • Has strong critical thinking skills and creativity
  • Ability to manage time and prioritize accurately


The Intern, Business Operations role at Cachette Capital BV is designed to foster someone eager to learn about investing. 

The most common areas in which the Intern, Business Operations role is responsible:

  • Assist with office setup: ordering furniture, having it delivered, coordinating various supplies.
  • Research investors, banks or otherwise financial information particularly information that can be accessed online.
  • Coordinate various conferences and events that our partners either host or speak at all over the world.
  • Handle some client communications including any mailings.
  • Communicate with any of our Dutch lawyers, accountants and otherwise vendors (in the Dutch language).
  • Assist the Managing Director and other managers as otherwise directed.


CCM is unique as a fund-of-funds and financial investing firm as the level of knowledge required to work at CCM is incredibly high, particularly in venture capital investing and software technologies. Nearly every person at the firm must have a technical background amongst other skills.

The minimum requirements are:

  • Studying business, economics or computer science at a well-regarded University
  • Professional fluency in English and Dutch (required)
  • Knowledge or ability to know how to navigate The Hague as a regional area
  • EU residency

The preferred candidate would also have:

  • Fluency in the German language
  • Any design skills or passion to design things online
  • Familiarity with startups or entrepreneurship