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More than capital, startups need expertise and corporations need startups to stay innovative and agile to adapt.

New ideas are being built and formed every day. Many of the mainstream technologies used today like Uber, Deliveroo, Skype, Whatsapp, and Spotify were all once considered small ideas or “startups” and moved onto becoming industry changers and it was with the help of venture capital these companies were able to grow so quickly. Venture capital investing has been a way for investors to help in the financial and emotional journey all successful companies take.

Institutional investors often make the best venture capital investors: offering startups strategic support, unique distribution channels, and otherwise insider growth tracks otherwise unavailable to new stage companies. Matching the right venture capital funds with the right investors can also be an opportunity for market advantages.

Cachette Capital provides insights into early stage venture capital investing all over the world.

Taking a funds-of-funds approach, venture capital investing on a diversified large scale opens up multiple initiatives which can power new and emerging ecosystems.

Investment strategy

Overall venture capital invested in 2017 surpassed 2016 for an all-time high record for the last decade.

Pitchbook’s Q3 2017 European Venture Report

The future of venture capital is here; with growing industries and new technologies changing entire business eco-systems, venture capital and early stage investing has become the key to understanding where innovation comes from and where it is going. With companies staying privately owned longer, venture capital helps open up the opportunity to not only be part of the future but help shape it.


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